Harvey was originally born in Herefordshire, United Kingdom and migrated as a 33 year old to Australia.  His experiences in migrating and then as a Business Broker assisting migrants gave him an interest in the processes.


Harvey regularly came into contact with dissatisfied and confused migrants.  He saw a need to provide an all round service to business and investment migrants from assessment, through to application, settlement in Australia, buying a business, a home, schooling and general referrals to reliable professionals and trades.


Harvey Weyman Jones originally specialised in Business Visas and later in all Skilled and Family Visas. Weyman Jones Migration Agents continually received referrals from happy clients for their friendly, reliable, efficient and professional service. From August 2009 Harvey Weyman-Jones now refers all work to other respected & experienced licenced Migration Agents.


If you are interested in migrating to Australia, please proceed onto and complete the “Migrant Profile”, or if you have any queries please email us direct. We pass on your information to our trusted professional colleagues and will monitor your progress.



“On behalf of the Business Migration Unit, the Queensland Government, I would like to thank everyone for the time you spent and support you provided to the Chinese business migration mission last week.  I appreciated your input to ensure the successful arrangements for the delegation.
The business migration visiting went successfully and productively.  All the delegation members expressed their interest in migrating to Queensland.  In particular, a number of the delegation members have signed contracts with their migration agent for applying for Queensland State Sponsorship and opened accounts in the Australian bank.
We will follow up the outcomes and keep you updated.  It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I hope I will be able to get your support and assistance in the future.”

Lin Han, Principal Project Officer
Department of State Development